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We communicate in a simple way on a daily basis, but we do not avoid explaining more difficult issues with light, direct, fun & helpful voice.

Four characteristics of our voice:

  1. Funny
    A bit of humor can make a message accessible and relatable. We try to approach the world with a distance, but within common sense. We just like to laugh and have fun when there is an opportunity. In everyday communication, we like to emphasize good humor with emoticons.

  2. Formal

    In more official, technical, professional content, we build authority by constructing messages about traditional syntax and grammar. We don’t really use abbreviations or colloquialisms.

  3. Full of respect

    We want to make it clear that we admire and respect the subject matter and our recipients. We treat both with the appropriate level of dignity and respect. We strive for a tactful, neutral message that avoids strong language.

  4. Enthusiastic

    We love what we do! Therefore, the enthusiasm for the topic is visible at first glance. We don’t hesitate to take a personal point of view and persuade others to share it.

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